What is ACPAT?

The titles ‘Veterinary Physiotherapist’ or ‘Animal Physiotherapist’ are not protected by law. This can make choosing a Veterinary Physiotherapist who is highly qualified and going to treat your animal to the highest standard a challenge.

The term ‘Chartered Physiotherapist’ however is protected by law, and can only be used by fully qualified human physiotherapists trained at degree level.

To become an ACPAT member, you must be a Chartered Physiotherapist, and undergo a minimum of 2 years further masters level training to specialise in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

This means that when you choose an ACPAT Physiotherapist, you can be sure that they have a minimum of 5 years of university level training, extensive practical experience, and will provide your animal with the best possible care.

For more information please visit http://www.acpat.org

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